Tânia keeps showing dimensions to the group.

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Tânia shown some dimensions to the group.


A portal opens and the group appears from it.

- So where are we now? - asks Paquete

- In this dimension, Death beats us and the zombies have taken over the world. Most of us are dead: Cassandra, Joana, Leandra, Diana,... - Explains Tânia

- Diana is dead?! - Says Inês

- What happened to Bruno? - asks Daniel

- The Zombies found his body while he was in his astral form. After they ate his body he couldn't turn back and got stuck in this form. -axplains Tânia.

In this dimension the only ones we see alive are: Mariana, Sofia, Cristina, Gonçalo, Paquete, Kiko, Cristiana, Inês, Bruno (sort of) and Daniel.

- Can we keep going? - asks Sofia

- I wanna go back, to our dimension i'm sick of this! - says Paquete

- ok, those who wanna go back, enter threw that portal, the ones who wanna keep going, go to the other over there - says Tânia. - ok, let's continue.

- So, what are we seeing here? - asks Daniel

- Here, people know about our powers - Tânia says - I'll show you what happens to all of you. While most of the metahumans got rich and famous, some where taken by the government for experiments, those who had the most amazing and rare abilities. Look at this.

- Tânia shows a lab where some scientists were torturing some metahumans, among them we see Diana who was on an operating table, and the scientists had opened her head and were messing with her brain, probably because of her super intelligence.

They also had the most dangerous ones, we can see Cristina, chained in a wall