Tânia was an exchange student from São João da Madeira.


Tânia is a very independent girl.

Being Cassandra's friend she's mentioned as a back stabber.

Season 2Edit

New StartEdit

Tânia reveals her powers to the group and helps them escaping the destruction of Level 33.1.

Later Cristiana, Daniel and Mariana were talking about Tânia and her friendship with Cassandra.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Dimensional Travel: Able to travel threw all dimensions;
  • Dimensional Storage: Can put items into a separate dimension for safe keeping and can summon them back whenever she wants;
  • Summoning: Tânia is able to summon other beings from other dimensions;
  • Dimensional Manipulation: Tânia is able to control everything on her dimensions, she is even able to use any power she wants;
  • Dimension Creation: Tânia is able to create her own dimensions where she can manipulate and create the rules;
  • Portal Creation.


  • None.
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