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The Torch

The Torch is Daniel's and his friends School newspaper in Smallville. The paper reports on the news around the school and the town.

The Torch is Daniel's favourite place of the school and he spents lots of time there.



Volume 21: LuthorCorp???, Cassandra's Future.

Volume 22: New coffehouse in town, Lunch Menu must be improved, The Torch was Vandalized. Volume 23: 9th grade

Volume 23: Weddings in Smallville, Meteor Shower 1997

Volume 24: second Meteor Shower

Volume 25: Caramelo crushes Limo and survives

Volume 26: Picado's Family and the Meteor Shower, Plants all over Smallville, Picado's medical Nursery closed.

Volume 27: Cassandra, a rising star

Season 1Edit

The BeginningEdit

The Torch was Vandalized by LuthorCorp. and all the clues Daniel and his friends had were stolen.

Hide the SecretEdit

Daniel and his friends practice their powers at the Torch and Cassandra mind controls some of her classmates to clean up The Torch.


Mariana and Daniel almost kiss but the others appear to train their powers.

Days Gone ByeEdit

Daniel is often seen in the torch writing a new article for the newspapper.


The group is often seen in the torch talking.

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